How to

They say you need to make at least three bows before you can make a decent one. Story by Raf Nathan.

A past entrant in Wood Review's Student Awards describes the making of his project piece.

Working step by step through this process will introduce basic tools and techniques and also reward you with a useful and attractive piece. Story by John Madden.

Join, turn and carve to make an impressive family dining table. Story by Troy McDonald.

How to turn log sections into handy stools or small tables for your home.

A boxmaking project made for both safeguarding and display purposes.

Watch this video and you’ll see why HNT Gordon & Co has received international acclaim for its meticulously handcrafted handplanes.

Accuracy above all will lead to shimmering results if you build Iain Green’s air-cushion fit parquetry box.

A fallen tree, an old power pole and some sleepers come to life again in a table made by Andrew Goodin.

A boxmaking project that will develop basic woodworking skills by Adrian Potter.

New Zealand designer and maker David Haig describes the making of a unique garden bench.

Deep splits in some sheoak slabs inspired a free-flowing design for an outdoor table. Story by Jamie Bell.

Avoiding accidents is the goal, but being prepared if one happens is the next best thing. Story by Raf Nathan.

For a balanced look the high and low points of the edges need to match, explains Andrew Potocnik.