How to

In this video Ian Wilkie demonstrates his shop-built wood screw cutting system.

With Italian made Zigzag chairs retailing for top dollar, making your own is a good way of acquiring one.

Adjust the blade, not the fence to solve the issue of drift on your bandsaw, says Peter Young in this video demonstration.

Richard Vaughan uses the router to make a neat box with internal trays.

Inspired by his wife's quilting artistry, Andrew Potocnik pieces together different species of wood to create "patchwork" jewellery.

Here's a video that might give you a few ideas for your next weekend project.

A woodworking project from Iain Green that will challenge you...and others.

How to turn a bowl and decorate it. Story by Neil Turner.

A coffee table with a laminated and sculpted base.

A step-by-step lesson from master woodcarver Grant Vaughan.

A stow-away ladder that conceals its purpose. Story by Charles Mak and Chris Wong.

You can use offcuts and metal scraps to make wood threads you can adapt to a multitude of projects.

Geoff Birtles converts a lathe bed for portable drills into a highly effective dowelling table.

The sandblasted panels of Andrew Potocnik’s Outback Box brought back travel memories.

Richard Vaughan writes about selecting, fitting and fine-tuning a bench vice.