This video shows the process of making a desk with a bent laminated frame.

A spectacular exercise in cross laminated timber was declared the overall winner of the Australian Timber Design Awards held in Melbourne on October 17, with Rising Star and Furniture and Joinery Awards going to high profile designer makers.

The National Gallery of Victoria and Stylecraft invite Australian designers and makers to enter the Australian Furniture Design Award 2020 with a new and original furniture design.

A simple decorative technique can add contrast and interest to your woodturnings.

Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild are making a a variety of wooden items for their December Christmas sale, including kitchen utensils and children’s toys

Over 600 items of woodcraft and wood art will soon be display at the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre.

Jamen Knighton is a passionate surfer so wanting to design and make his own hollow timber surfboard for his HSC major project was a natural progression.

In this video, Sunshine Coast woodworker, metalworker and photographer Neil Paskin modifies a spade drill bit to cut the round pins and makes various jigs and templates to successfully replicate this rounded variant of a dovetail joint.

To ensure coopered joins were perfect, the compound angles for this chair construction were calculated to two decimal places.

Jigmaking, 3D printing and compound joinery were just some of the skills learnt in the design and making of this complex piece.

For the next three months you have the opportunity to see a large display of work by the Woodturners Society of Queensland.

An opportunity to enter still exists with the entry deadline now extended to October 10.

Arbotech's new dust collection system is a game-changer.

"...more than a movie about amazing wood sculptors of Japan, the movie is about the master-disciple relationship, and how this is still being transmitted in the traditional manner..."

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