Studio Woodworkers Australia's next exhibition will take place at Sturt Gallery next month.

The lucky winner of Popular Choice for AWR's Student Awards 2019 has a beautiful prize in store for them – and best of all, voting is still open!

Evan Dunstone reflects on the inaugural design and development masterclass which he and US furniture designer maker Adam Rogers led last year.

An exhibition of work by West Australian artists challenges perceptions of reality.

In this video Daniel Irwin shows how he made a glass top table that displays a laser cut jarrah and blackbutt relief map of the world.

Jacob de Dassel researched and honed his lathe turning skills before making this pedestal table. See the video of his process here.

In what is now an annual tradition, the Centre for Fine Woodworking in Nelson, New Zealand is showcasing the work of graduates of its one year furniture makers program in an exhibition at The Refinery Artspace.

Are you keen to do a resin pour to create your own river feature? Matthew Barra’s video should give you an idea of the process, mistakes and all.

If you have any interest in making your own guitar Mats Lea’s video is a great introduction to the processes required.

Entries are now closed and Popular Choice voting is now open.

There is no simple solution to accurately identifying Australia’s eucalypt species. Story by Jugo Ilic.

For her HSC major Teagan Vella's brief was to make a piece of furniture suited to a high end modern living area. Only two days left to enter Australian Wood Review's Student Awards for secondary students in years 11 and 12.

Passionate about sustainable buildings, student architect Monique Pousson was gratified to receive a Responsible Wood award.

In this video we see how Tom Norman's cabinet showcases a large range of techniques including fractal burning.

Fine furniture maker, sculptor and visual artist Ross Annels has a new location in Coolum, Qld for the classes he is offering.