This year's JamFactory ICON series exhibition celebrates the work of one of South Australia's leading contemporary artists and jewellers.

The loss of this great West Australian wood artist will be felt by many.

Three makers combine to create a piece whose form and contents represent the pinnacle of their work.

An interview with master furniture and cabinetmaker Gavin Harrington.

When you’re working by hand you have to be more in tune with your tools and your wood, says US toolmaker Dan Schwank.

Jim Howell's remarkable tool chest contains an equally remarkable collection of hand tools…and memories.

An interview with the President of Lee Valley and Veritas Tools.

How a boatbuilder and a maker of fine musical instruments created a unique violin from wood salvaged from the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney.

Neil Turner’s ‘Unfolding’ exhibition marked a new direction.

A video walk-through of the Vicmarc Machinery factory in Clontarf, Qld.

Instead of rails, Christian Timbs laminated thin sections of wood to follow the natural curves of the timber and turned them down at each corner to "flow" into each leg.

Neil Scobie passed away in May 2016. He was a valued author for Australian Wood Review. This remembrance was published in AWR#92, September, 2016.

For Sydney designer/maker Ben Percy, this was one case where the nature of the wood had a big say in the furniture he designed.

Melissa Allen’s marquetry Leaf Chandelier was a showstopper at the recent Treecycle exhibition in Sydney. We asked her how the concept developed.

David Upfill-Brown writes about some of the factors that influenced the design and making of his Guell Stools, recently featured in Treecycle 2016.