Christmas 2014


Sale Not Over

Listen...maybe you waited too long to drive down, but this video says there's another way. more

Back, left to right: Abel Chai, Georgina Aquilina, Michael Chazan, Matthew Donaldson, James Devery, Luke Macmahon, Stephanie Brown, Melissa Green, Mechelle Shooter, Robert Passlow, Kirsten Djuric, Abderrahmane Nouamani, Tianyi Wang, Richard Greenacre, Eugenie Kawabata, and Joshua Suklan.
Front, left to right: Joseph Casey, Katie Dixon and Te-Lung Huang
Not present: Matthew Booth, Jane Haussegger, Chi Trinh, Darcy Vescio, and Ashley Allen.

Made Here

RMIT furniture design graduates are about to showcase their work.

How to Mix Shellac

Steve Hay gives a practical demo on shellac and how to prepare it for use.

Wood Review 84

See what's in the latest issue of Australian Wood Review.

Make a Windsor Chair

An explanation the the processes and possibilities of making this traditional design.