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The SF18 catalogue is now at the printers and available for pre-order. It includes images and makers' statements for each piece along with essays from the organisers and judges.

"My aim was to exceed my limitations and express my skills through a variety of techniques", said Ben Bond. In the video you can see how he meant what he said. Entered in AWR Student Awards 2018.

Melbourne's new open access makerspace is a place with tools and equipment where people come together to make things.

This video shows how, with curved tops that slide apart and hold tools within, this is a complex and clever design. Entered in AWR Student Awards 2018.

The 2019 Sunshine Coast Wootha Prize has added a new, exciting category. Tiny Treasures will acknowledge work that is small in scale but big on design and craftsmanship.

The latest in a Shoji and Kumiko Design series covers diamond kumiko patterns, including the "mind-blowing" four-way joint.

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