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For Maker of the Year awards entrant Steve Roper, making one part just kept leading to another. Nine months and 1000s of hours later it was ready – an all wood, full scale bike.

In 2021 customers looking for Minimax machines, parts or service in Australia can find all the information they need on a new site dedicated to semi professional machines.

With all the joy that an event can promise in a pandemic struck world, the Blackall Range Woodcrafters Guild have happily set the date for a one-day sales event at their club facilities in Montville, Qld.

As interest in the use of timber grows, there is a reported surge in demand for professionals with expertise in the design and manufacture of wood products.

The old normal is coming back at one Melbourne woodworking school.

Hardwood components, some basic tools and supplies are now an avenue to learn woodworking and relieve COVID related anxiety.

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