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On the cover: A six week open learning studio experience in New Zealand was time enough for eight makers to push their skills to the next level.

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A wrap-up of stories is below:


On the Surface: US furniture designer maker Tim Coleman describes how he achieves some of decorative techniques he uses on the furniture he makes.


Woven Wood Bench Seat: Henrik Tjaerby investigates the potential of a construction method that makes the most of lightweight woven slats.


A Tray for Tea: Steven Der-Garabedian uses processes of joinery, veneering and bent lamination to make an elegant tray.


The Shavehorse Project, Part 2: Phoebe Everill adds a worktable, jigs and an upholstered seat to make an even more useful shavehorse.


Edge: Exploring Boundaries: Melissa Ward looks at how 27 members of Studio Woodworkers Australia responded to a theme in a recent exhibition of their work.


The Ex-Lab Experiment: At the School of Melbourne Design, a challenge was laid to experiment with processes and materials rather than working from sketchbooks.


Heirloom Chest: As Raf Nathan explains, there was more to the story of making a blanket chest from locally grown silky oak.


Finishing Small Objects, Part 2: Carol Russell describes how to add layers of colour and texture to your work.


The Shaper: Spokeshaves are versatile and enjoyable to use. Raf Nathan takes a look at some of the quality options.

• Hafco ST254 Tablesaw
• Wikus 19mm Bandsaw Blade
• Nova Orion 18" DVR Lathe
• Whittle Evolution Colour Wood Stains
• Hillbilly Forge Tools

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