Making this stool marked a turning point in Todd Atkins' life. “It’s a symbol of my passion and dedication to the craft."

Strolling in Victoria Street, Melbourne, chances are you’ll see Martin Paul working in his street-facing window, immersed in natural light. His assortment of restored wall-mounted instruments date back to the 18th century. Dan Dwyer reports.

Studies in furniture design became a path to learning the woodworking techniques and practices that this designer now regards as life skills.

How making the ‘impossible dovetail’ mallet triggered a new direction in Sam Giudici's life.

At the end of a 32-week course, seven new makers showed an impressive range of work that allowed them to explore new skills. Story by Brian Reid.

Damion Fauser crunches the numbers on the input side of pricing your work.

Devon Campbell is creating a new marque of fine Australian hand tools.

Last year in Melbourne, a collection of work by 12 makers was created to demonstrate that with thoughtful and innovative design, materials regarded as waste can be fashioned into fine furniture and objects.

Three years ago, three people with very different backgrounds got together and designed a collection of work that was made up by some Brisbane furniture makers.

‘There are a lot of bespoke manufacturers with one, two or three people. There’s probably not a lot with eight or nine’, says Andrew Lowe. So what's the secret of their success?

"I have waited all my life to work up the courage to paint one of my woodcarvings", explains Michael Gill.

The final assembly is where you find out if what you have designed is functional, ergonomic and simply beautiful.

‘I gave up a secure job, sold my car and everything I could to set up a workshop. From his small and well-ordered workshop in the Austrian Tyrol Martin Prantl now makes furniture to order.

The best thing about the lifestyle you have chosen? “Doing what I love. Creativity. Freedom. It has a price, but I’m glad to pay it.”

“It’s not like a symposium where all you do is sit and watch somebody else Q-Turn everyone can learn hands-on.”

How simple can I make this thing? And how simple is too simple?