The work shown in Touched by Timber is the result of a lifelong passion for timber, its essence and its possibilities.

Thirty-six years later, Michael Gill’s masterpiece cabinet is complete. Story by Linda Nathan.

Getting started as a furniture designer in Australia takes talent, time and tenacity as Nae Tanakorn demonstrates.

Terry Martin writes about the work of wood artist Ian Bell.

Reflections from family, friends and students on the passing of Pru Ingham, designer maker and teacher of woodworking.

“I love finding the next hardest thing I haven’t done”, says US designer maker Nick Sawyer.

Meet Geoffrey Cameron Marshall, an award-winning Tasmanian designer maker whose love for the sea inspires the range of interior lighting and surfboards he produces.

How can makers safeguard ownership of their designs in a world that thrives on broadscale digital ‘sharing’? Greg Klassen’s much imitated River Table design brought success, and unexpected consequences.

A love of handcut joinery drives Bern Chandley to create furniture that draws on the Windsor style.

Combining materials can open up a world of colour and graphic possibilities.

Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of UK designer maker Marc Fish.

"I usually argue that what I make is made by hand when it is my hands that do all the designing, programming, and making", says digital fabrication master Nick Berchtold.

Finnish maker Visa Meisalmi combines Scandinavian mythology and wood and veneer bending traditions in his award winning work.

Featured Maker of the Year presented by Carbitool entrant Danny Lucin leads a Renaissance music ensemble and makes the instruments he plays.

Terry Martin explains how traditional skills are passed on in changing times.

"We were asked to remove our shoes at the door before being allowed to enter his immaculately clean, bright and tidy work studio."