"I have waited all my life to work up the courage to paint one of my woodcarvings", explains Michael Gill.

The final assembly is where you find out if what you have designed is functional, ergonomic and simply beautiful.

‘I gave up a secure job, sold my car and everything I could to set up a workshop. From his small and well-ordered workshop in the Austrian Tyrol Martin Prantl now makes furniture to order.

The best thing about the lifestyle you have chosen? “Doing what I love. Creativity. Freedom. It has a price, but I’m glad to pay it.”

“It’s not like a symposium where all you do is sit and watch somebody else Q-Turn everyone can learn hands-on.”

How simple can I make this thing? And how simple is too simple?

Frank Wiesner was regarded by many as a national treasure, someone who has not only attained master status but someone who also gave encouragement and a sense of inclusion to others.

How can makers develop a style that is distinctly their own? Establishing identity in your work is an essential part of making it your own.

If you seen and marvelled at the works created by Arthur Seigneur and Adam Goodrem, this video will give some insight into their process.

The work shown in Touched by Timber is the result of a lifelong passion for timber, its essence and its possibilities.

Thirty-six years later, Michael Gill’s masterpiece cabinet is complete. Story by Linda Nathan.

Getting started as a furniture designer in Australia takes talent, time and tenacity as Nae Tanakorn demonstrates.

Terry Martin writes about the work of wood artist Ian Bell.

Reflections from family, friends and students on the passing of Pru Ingham, designer maker and teacher of woodworking.

“I love finding the next hardest thing I haven’t done”, says US designer maker Nick Sawyer.

Meet Geoffrey Cameron Marshall, an award-winning Tasmanian designer maker whose love for the sea inspires the range of interior lighting and surfboards he produces.