How to

Understanding, tuning and using your handplanes for better results. Story by Richard Vaughan.

In a half hour long video, Dutch woodworker Ronnie Rozenga takes us through the many processes of making a complex cabinet with detailed marquetry panels and inlays.

For around $200 you can make a press that will take large panels and store away easily. Story by Darren Oates.

Dr Jugo Ilic gives us the science as to why some timbers sound better than others.

Even the laces were made from wood in Ray Collins' character-filled rendition of an old boot.

Making a chest to transport treasured tools turned out to be a skill building exercise.

Making a piece with hidden secrets, subtle details and angled joinery became an expression of Vasko Sotirov’s coronavirus-struck life.

Shifting axes on faceplate turned items can produce a variety of geometric and ornamental forms.

Two ways to blacken paler timbers and still allow the grain to show through.

The why and the when can be just as important as the how, says Harry T. Morris.

If you’ve found yourself with branches of a tree that are too good to send to the firewood pile, making these lidded containers could be the project for you. Andrew Potocnik shows how.

The use of colour and other surface treatments can take your work to the next level. Story by Carol Russell.

A step-by-step lesson from wood artist and Maker of the Year 2020 award winner Grant Vaughan.

You’ll still need plans, but somehow seeing the process makes it seem that much more achievable.

Here's a project for an ideal gift to challenge and show off your joinery skills.

Dave Stanton reveals the hand and machine processes involved in the making of a highly efficient handplane.