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With stepped-out cabinetry and curves this was a complex build! Here's a video that gives insight into Nick Sawyer's process.

Carol Russell writes about the things that inspire her small animal carvings and describes her basic process.

Space saving tambours offer stylish functionality. Story by Richard Vaughan.

Neil Erasmus demonstrates the making of his elegant mid-century modern inspired cabinet.

John Totenhofer’s floorstanding shooting board is a hybrid of a saw stool and Japanese workbench.

In this video, Nick Pedulla shows some of the processes used in a recent bespoke build.

A little bit of tung oil goes a very long way, and with good results, explains Peter Spaulding.

'Here's a joint that allows maximum side-to-side grain inside the mitre, giving phenomenal strength', writes Neil Erasmus.

Trent Palelei is a featured Maker of the Year entrant and here gives some detailed insights into the building of his Huon pine and Tasmanian myrtle acoustic bass.

Andrew Potocnik used different techniques to produce two pairs of matched bowls inspired by the Yarra River.

Some tips from Richard Vaughan will show you how to take the stress out of glue-ups, and help you to get better glue joins.

A short selection of videos by Dylan Iwakuni gives insight into the intricacies and subtleties of Japanese woodworking.

These lightweight clamps are easy to make and will prove their worth on a daily basis. Story by Joel Dubbeld.

A few tips make this an easy process. Raf Nathan shows how.

Hobart designer/maker Linda Fredheim uses sawn veneer techniques to make the most of some rare Tasmanian myrtle.

"This is the best small bits and pieces storage system I have ever seen. I made it about 15 years ago and have been using it ever since. I cannot fault it or see any changes to improve it," says Paul van Lieshout.