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‘This highly intuitive carving technique can be very revealing and freeing,’ explains Carol Russell as she shows how to carve a small dog portrait.

A small cabinet built to house hardware became an exercise in handcut joinery. If you want to test your hand skills and your patience, this is a project for you, writes Charles Mak.

Commonly known as wattles, Acacias are one of Australia’s most common groups of tree species. Ian Wilkie writes about some of species he has sampled for his woodwork.

Widening a live-edged slab with another piece of timber was a practical solution that resulted in a decorative and yet subtle visual contrast for a coffee table project.

Richard Vaughan shows how to cut blind mitred dovetails with a combination of hand and power tools. "Skilful use of powered tools is certainly not ‘cheating’ in my opinion", he says.

Alex Peay’s rotating dovetail joint takes the Maloof joint in a new direction.

Here's how to make a batch of folding ‘campaign-style’ phone stands.

A ready-glued round panel was the perfect complement for an elegant small table design that assembles with four screws.

Dowel hinges can add a distinctive touch to your box creations, explains David Hall.

With Intarsia, there is no perfect – it’s just how you want it to be, says John Tucker as he explains how to do it.

Making Lego People

A project for younger woodworkers and those with access to limited machinery and power tools.

It's compact, sturdy and demountable – here's how to make a small bench that's ideal for small-scale work.

Jon Grant invokes the spirit of Tasmanian chairmaker George Peddle as he carries forward a tradition.

The effective use of a Japanese plane requires a higher level of insight into adjustments that affect its operation.

A just-released video shows the process of making a finely crafted marquetry box lid with 3D pattern created from a perspective drawing.

Neil Scobie completes his red cedar and jarrah cabinet by making the drawers and plinth.