How to

Andrew Potocnik used different techniques to produce two pairs of matched bowls inspired by the Yarra River.

Some tips from Richard Vaughan will show you how to take the stress out of glue-ups, and help you to get better glue joins.

A short selection of videos by Dylan Iwakuni gives insight into the intricacies and subtleties of Japanese woodworking.

These lightweight clamps are easy to make and will prove their worth on a daily basis. Story by Joel Dubbeld.

A few tips make this an easy process. Raf Nathan shows how.

Hobart designer/maker Linda Fredheim uses sawn veneer techniques to make the most of some rare Tasmanian myrtle.

"This is the best small bits and pieces storage system I have ever seen. I made it about 15 years ago and have been using it ever since. I cannot fault it or see any changes to improve it," says Paul van Lieshout.

Steven Der-Garabedian shows how to build a veneered cabinet to showcase special items and woods.

In many cases timber furniture can be salvaged – here’s some timely advice.

Traditional or contemporary, with or without drawers, shelves or embellishments; this design can be tailored to your needs. Story by Peter Young.

This groovy little plane will be your new favourite, not only because it works well, but because you made it yourself. Story by Vic Tesolin.

A hollowed sphere with delicately carved flames is a challenging project which will yield a unique piece of art. Neil Turner describes his process.

This bedside table was one of a pair designed to match the bedhead I showed you how to make a while ago, writes Neil Erasmus.

Dive into the world of form building and veneering with this fast paced video exposé of Nick Sawyer’s process.

A stop-start experiment in blackening wood.

Veneered board, metal runners, screw fittings and a basic set of tools make for a relatively fast drawer chest build.