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Flush fitted slips help to make solid wood drawers that are lighter, stronger, and wear better. Neil Erasmus describes his method of making and fitting them.

Round tables offer democratic seating positions and focus energy to the centre. Here's how to make one with half-lapped cross-pieces and posts, as well as with an inlay feature.

The better wood is machined or dressed, the better results you can expect. Here's an introduction to dressing rough sawn wood by Raf Nathan.

For too long the dovetail has taken centre stage. Neil Erasmus puts the mortise and tenon under the spotlight

Expanding your knowledge of finishing techniques will allow you to combine effects to reflect themes in your designs.

The satisfaction of carving a möbius successfully is well and truly worth the time it can take, says wood sculptor Hape Kiddle.

The final instalment of Neil Erasmus's series covers how to use the spindle jig made in part 2.

Short lengths of fruitwoods, eucalypts or the branch to hand can be hollowed and decorated to make your own personal drinking mug. Story by Jeff Donne.

Re-interpreting and making an iconic low table design was an ideal project for beginner woodworkers.

Neil Erasmus looks at designing spindle jigs with safety and efficiency in mind, and then shows step by step how to make one.

When professional woodcarver Olivia O’Connor says she hardly ever sharpens her tools, it’s because she knows how to keep them sharp. Here she shows how a simple kit of stones and strops can work for you too.

When correctly set up and used, the spindle moulder is a versatile machine with a broad range of uses. The first of a three-part series by Neil Erasmus.

Understanding, tuning and using your handplanes for better results. Story by Richard Vaughan.

In a half hour long video, Dutch woodworker Ronnie Rozenga takes us through the many processes of making a complex cabinet with detailed marquetry panels and inlays.

For around $200 you can make a press that will take large panels and store away easily. Story by Darren Oates.

Dr Jugo Ilic gives us the science as to why some timbers sound better than others.