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Sliding dovetail joinery and tapered under-bevels set this entry-way table apart. Story by David Luckensmeyer.

For this two-door cabinet, a solid wood construction required allowances for movement, and ways to balance strength with lightness.

Phoebe Everill shows how to build an attractive stool with a woven Danish cord seat.

David Lim writes about a low cost and compact laser cutter that makes it easy to add marquetry motifs and inlays to your work.

‘It wasn’t until work progressed that I realised I am the third person to build this table’, said Raf Nathan, as he worked his way through the splits and failed joints.

If you go down to the woods today… you might think about making an English longbow. This humble weapon is credited with an English victory over a vastly larger French army some 600 years ago so it’s not to be underestimated.

David Haig takes us through his technique for insetting curved parts into any given edge.

‘This highly intuitive carving technique can be very revealing and freeing,’ explains Carol Russell as she shows how to carve a small dog portrait.

A small cabinet built to house hardware became an exercise in handcut joinery. If you want to test your hand skills and your patience, this is a project for you, writes Charles Mak.

Commonly known as wattles, Acacias are one of Australia’s most common groups of tree species. Ian Wilkie writes about some of species he has sampled for his woodwork.

Widening a live-edged slab with another piece of timber was a practical solution that resulted in a decorative and yet subtle visual contrast for a coffee table project.

Richard Vaughan shows how to cut blind mitred dovetails with a combination of hand and power tools. "Skilful use of powered tools is certainly not ‘cheating’ in my opinion", he says.

Alex Peay’s rotating dovetail joint takes the Maloof joint in a new direction.

Here's how to make a batch of folding ‘campaign-style’ phone stands.

A ready-glued round panel was the perfect complement for an elegant small table design that assembles with four screws.

Dowel hinges can add a distinctive touch to your box creations, explains David Hall.