Registrations are now open for Design Fringe, the annual exhibition that's part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival and a new version of Melbourne Fringe’s longest running program.

Each of the eleven stacked columns uses familiar shapes and techniques you would typically see in Hugh’s furniture making, but in a different context.

The sixth annual Sydney Craft Week Festival is about celebrating creativity and the handmade. This year the theme will focus on the climate emergency. Applications for participation now are invited.

This is the first publication of its kind to survey the long and rich histories of women and gender non-conforming persons who work in wood.

This is a unique and invaluable reference for Australian native species and should be on the shelf of every local woodworker and wood lover.

As revered British monarch Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her platinum jubilee year, one commemorative act will overshadow many others.

Established today, April 21, 2022, the Melbourne Tool Company is Australia's newest brand of hand tools.

Here’s a way to upgrade machines with an accessory that offers more precision as well as safety.

This video takes us back in time to a traditional craft that some even refer to as alchemy due to the complex and extraordinary architectural constructions it enabled.

Here are a few tips when preparing your entry for Maker of the Year presented by Carbatec.

Finding and Naming Thomas Chippendale’s Marquetry Team is the title of a new book by Jack Metcalfe that follows on from his highly recommended first book, Chippendale’s Classic Marquetry Revealed.

You have less than two weeks to take advantage of our 30% off subscription deal!

Postponed from 2021, this normally biennial event an exhibition showcasing Victorian craftspeople will open to public on April 5.

David Haig looks back at the origins and technical challenges of two cabinets started during New Zealand’s first covid lockdown

Carbatec appointed official reseller of SCM Minimax woodworking machinery in Australia.

As a later-life apprentice, Kristen Perich still has to support her son and pay the bills, but with a government scholarship she's framing a new career.