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With the potential for increased precipitation due to climate change and a possible return to La Nina, reinforcing slopes with native trees and shrubs could be an effective, economical and sustainable solution.

New Zealand artist Josephine Jelicich is currently showing work in two exhibitions along with other makers and artists

Two scholarships are offered for 18–32 year old makers for a five-day production woodworking workshop outside of Canberra.

Five designers are invited to conceive an object using American red oak that wil last for generations to come and be of a quality that makes it worth keeping, and of collectible value.

‘Transformative Waste’ responds to the waste crisis with an arts project that illustrates the importance of reuse and repair.

Opening tomorrow, The Florilegium Society is excited to present its latest exhibition at The Garden Gallery, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney. The exhibition will focus on the impact of climate change and plant pathogens on rainforest species.

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