Tools & Equipment

Symmetrical results regardless of thickness and geometry are the promise of new Tormek sharpening jigs.

There are different ways to see how well a gouge cuts: one is the sound it makes, another is how easily it moves through the cut, and lastly there is the surface it creates.

It seem so logical – here's a handy new accessory that helps to collect dust a lot closer to its source.

Famous for its finger saving technology, SawStop's router table is now available in Australia and has been met with welcome by SawStop saw owners.

David Luckensmeyer takes a look at the various drive systems of woodworking screws.

Two hands are better – here's a new take on a burnisher from Veritas.

This bandsaw accessory may appeal to woodworkers looking to recover useable stock from small log sections and other odd-shaped pieces.

The Milwaukee tool fits within the M18 Fuel range of power tools, all powered by the lithium-ion battery range for which this manufacturer has become known.

This heavy duty two-handed push-block offers safe and controlled cutting on tablesaws, bandsaws, router tables and jointers.

Here's a simple dust collector upgrade which offers filtration down to 1 micron and a larger capacity.

Sometimes you don’t realise how handy a tool could be until you have one. I have had the predecessor to this square for a few years now and have been surprised how often I have reached for it.

Portable, compact, sturdy and affordable – what’s not to like about the Veritas trimmer router table system?

Troy McDonald's workshop overhaul was all about making best use of limited space.

For carving or similar work, these guards can offer protection from minor cuts and slivers, and are less restrictive to wear than gloves.

From Kustom Creations' Brisbane-based manufacturing home comes an expanded range of products in paste, bar and liquid forms.

There are several factors to take into account when selecting router bits – and it's essential to know how to care for them.