Tools & Equipment

This is a carvers mallet, comfortable for a smaller hand to hold, but with good and modifiable heft.

Fiddes Hard Wax Oil

I noticed a marked difference between sheen levels for the first and second coats. Only two coats are recommended which is a point of difference.

The K740 range features a larger saw unit and a double trunnion capable of running blades from 300–400mm to achieve a cut height of 140mm.

Raf Nathan looks at notions of accuracy and compares three brands of measuring tools.

What is the most used power tool in my and maybe your workshop? Actually it’s the portable dust extractor – used whenever I am on any other power tool like the drop saw, sander or router.

David Luckensmeyer deciphers the jargon and weighs up factors that influence your choice of hearing protection.

Taming redgum

Evan Dunstone explains how to handle a wild Australian timber with a reputation for unruly behaviour.

Have you ever taken a trip to the Emergency Department with something in your eye? Here's a convincing argument for selecting the right PPE.

A close look at three models that cover a range of woodturning needs that will suit the needs of beginners through to serious turners.

Could this be the best tool Arbortech has produced to date?

The guides are simple to use. Select the profile, clip it on to the base, push down, and then bring the router in to make the cut.

Anyone who has ever had to strip damaged coats from a sizeable surface area will immediately see the utility of this tool.

Neil Erasmus shows how to make a vacuum box jig for thicknessing thin stock.

It’s always good to see a new name emerge in toolmaking, particularly domestically. I’ve recently spent some time using a locally produced set of 3", 5" and 7" adjustable try squares.

Peart has recorded a lifetime of lessons both in the workshop and beyond – lessons that can benefit any woodworker who is taking on a commercial focus.

Coming in at 20.2 kg without batteries and packing away all the required accessories into a hard systainer, this unit is truly portable.