Tools & Equipment

Have you ever taken a trip to the Emergency Department with something in your eye? Here's a convincing argument for selecting the right PPE.

A close look at three models that cover a range of woodturning needs that will suit the needs of beginners through to serious turners.

Could this be the best tool Arbortech has produced to date?

The guides are simple to use. Select the profile, clip it on to the base, push down, and then bring the router in to make the cut.

Anyone who has ever had to strip damaged coats from a sizeable surface area will immediately see the utility of this tool.

Neil Erasmus shows how to make a vacuum box jig for thicknessing thin stock.

It’s always good to see a new name emerge in toolmaking, particularly domestically. I’ve recently spent some time using a locally produced set of 3", 5" and 7" adjustable try squares.

Peart has recorded a lifetime of lessons both in the workshop and beyond – lessons that can benefit any woodworker who is taking on a commercial focus.

Coming in at 20.2 kg without batteries and packing away all the required accessories into a hard systainer, this unit is truly portable.

I had an opportunity to review three sawblades including a 24 tooth rip, a 32 tooth crosscut and a 32 tooth combo blade.

Known for their power carving tools, Kutzall also have a range of handheld rasps for use on wood, rubber, rigid foam and more.

A joinery table kit that makes it easier to mortise narrow and thin workpieces is worth taking a look at.

The terms ‘hardwoods’ and ‘softwoods’ are neither accurate nor descriptive, since some softwoods are actually harder than some hardwoods.

Using hardwax oils


Have you considered using hardwax oils on any of your timber projects?

Around a year ago I upgraded to a full-specification router table set-up. Having run various table/router combinations over the years, I’d spent some time searching around.

When I look at equipment like this I understand where America’s edge comes from in manufacturing military equipment. This is a superbly made piece of aluminium and steel kit.