Tools & Equipment

Troy McDonald's workshop overhaul was all about making best use of limited space.

For carving or similar work, these guards can offer protection from minor cuts and slivers, and are less restrictive to wear than gloves.

From Kustom Creations' Brisbane-based manufacturing home comes an expanded range of products in paste, bar and liquid forms.

There are several factors to take into account when selecting router bits – and it's essential to know how to care for them.

The key to these machines is knowing how to set them up, and how to sharpen their tooling. Story by Neil Erasmus.

After testing, I have to say the title of Whiteside USA’s compression bit is a worthy one.

New product release – quality TiN coated metric brad point drills are now available.

Start your bit collection with the basics and add according to need, advises Damion Fauser.

Abrasives for woodworking have specific properties. Knowledge of their make-up and types will guide your choice, giving you better results, explains Philip Ashley.

This review tests three products that work well together in the process of resin casting: resin, pigment and polish.

A compact and lightweight design aims to combine high performance with full mobility.

Secondhand options can trim dollars off your machine purchases, but there are a few things to watch out for, says Darren Oates.

I knew the machine would pay itself off in no time, however it wasn’t long before I realised all the extra products I could create with it.

Well priced sets of cryogenic M2 high speed steel turning tools are now on offer from Carbatec. These tools have HSS ferrules and Euro hardwood handles.

This versatile machine packs a real punch in such a small unit. Billed as a horizontal slot mortising unit, with optional accessories and alternate tooling it is capable of so much more.

This was a terrific addition to my workshop and will leave a small hole in my sanding abilities when I have to return it.