Tools & Equipment

Tough and sturdy, this bench grinder with 50 x 915mm linisher attachment comes assembled out of the box.

Like its traditional forebear, this new rule designed by builder and maker Regan Low in New Zealand is really good.

First impressions of this jointer are of a strong, well built and nicely detailed machine.

With the machines collectively known as Series 2, Hammer’s goal is to offer a new entry-level machine class. Enter the N2-35, the first of this series.

Super sharp and easy to use, especially for pen-turners, this three-piece turning tool features replaceable caride tips.

There are bigger, heavier and more powerful hollow chisel mortisers around, but for the fine furniture maker, the Taiwanese-made Hafco machine doesn’t disappoint.

Factories and workshops across the world are using increasingly sophisticated machinery. Where did this woodworking revolution start, and what were the milestones in its development?

‘What a surprise this tool turned out to be’, says Raf Nathan after testing the new Bosch GEX 18V-125 cordless sander.

This is a diminutive tool that can be used for edge-profiling and flushing down inlays and solid edging, as well as trimming the ends of frame and panel assemblies.

Many woodworkers rely on factory settings to tension bandsaw blades, but in my experience there is no guarantee that this is accurate to begin with.

Kawasei and Seigen are the new brands in town, fully forged in boxed and canvas roll sets.

When it comes to workshop equipment and what you need, it’s easy for any woodworker to get carried away. With so much to choose from, you can always find justification for that latest gadget.

Thanks to its open design, Hammer’s HS 950 oscillating edge sanding machine is built to sand larger workpieces and curves while maximising belt usage.

No need for an extra hand at glue-up time with the new EHZ one-handed clamp.

When I started signing more large-scale commission work, I knew it was time to invest in larger equipment to help me process the stock.

Armed with various boards of timber, squares and calipers, Raf Nathan recently put the Laguna JX8 jointer and PX16 thicknesser through their paces.