Wood Review 103

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On the Cover: A love of design, machines and processes drive the work of Melbourne maker Byron Raleigh.

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A Whiskey Wall Cabinet: Cat Cook demonstrates the fundamentals of furniture making as she makes an attractive wall mounted piece.


Steel Selection for Chisels and Blades: A guide to the basics of steel types and their edge holding properties. Story by Peter Young.


Chasing Lines: An interview with wood sculptor Hape Kiddle reveals some of the things that inspire and influence him.


Making Tongue Drums: Raf Nathan combines native species to create a musical instrument that can be varied in countless ways.


Five Tools for Design: Laura McCusker writes about the principles and processes that guide her.


Why It’s Time to Upgrade Your Dust System: Some common sense and practical steps can make a difference to your workshop health and safety standards. Story by Troy McDonald.


An Overseas Investment: Putting his career as a dentist on hold, Samuel Sheppard travelled to the UK for full time training in fine woodworking.


Made by Hand…and Leg: Unplugged and highly effective, Jeff Donne shows how to harness the power of the pole lathe.


Alumni 2: Selected graduates from Sturt School For Wood recently displayed new work.


A New Generation: Redesigned in new materials, Bridge City Tools are now more readily available. Reviewed by Raf Nathan.

Machinery & Tool Reviews
• Rikon and Woodfast 300mm Planer/Thicknessers
• Arbortech Power Carving Unit
• Bosch Cordless 12V Trim Router and Mini Plane
• 3M Respirator 6211
• WoodRiver Countersink Set
• WoodRiver Digital Thickness Gauge

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