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Many people will cite the influence of Jame’s Krenov’s writings as seminal in their own journey as a woodworker. Krenov had a unique talent for expressing the ‘why’ as a cornerstone of a maker’s life, in addition to the development of technique and technical understanding.

Krenov also documented his own journey photographically. Those images are presented in his books and now, along with some others, are also presented in an online archive accessible to all via a new website at

This is an incredible resource of images that show Krenov’s extensive opus of cabinets and other work. It stands as a treatise on a master craftsman's sensitive arrangement of grain and use of contrasting woods. It also depicts the forms of a widely emulated style that is now regarded as classic.

The archive is extensive and divided into types of work that are grouped into periods of time. In addition, some of Krenov’s illustrations are included, as well as biographical notes.

The Krenov Archive is the work of The Krenov Foundation, a non-profit organisation which funds scholarships and supports exhibitions of fine furniture.

See the Krenov Archive at

Images above from the Krenov Archive, left to right: Inlaid Spalt Kwila Cabinet, Ash Carved Curves, Beech cabinet with drawer stand. Photos: David Welter

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