Tools & Equipment

After a smoothing plane and block plane, a good shoulder plane should be on most woodworkers’ tool lists. Here are some brands to compare.

These bits give clean, consistent hole diameters and very little upwards lifting of fibres at the entrance to the hole.

How to diagnose problems and get the best results from one of your most useful machines.

Controlling and collecting the fine dust from sanding is vital for a safe and clean operating environment.

Using a small tray to hold the guide and the moveable angle stop takes advantage of the adjustable accuracy of the 3D printing technology.

"The only issue that I have with the current Laguna Supermax is that it wasn’t available 35 years ago..."

David Luckensmeyer takes a look at various types of quality drill bits.

How exciting to see new Australian made tools coming onto the market like this one from South Australia based Henry Eckert Toolworks.

Tiny Tool Treasure

The tools made by Ian Wilkie were faithful working copies of tools you might find in a 19th century cabinetmaker’s chest. However, it was all a question of scale, he explains why.

Buying new machinery takes a fair amount of analysis, but getting it into your workshop requires planning ahead.

The recently formed Melbourne Tool Company has just entered the highly competitive field of handplane manufacturing.

Designed to be attached to the FS guide rail system to allow for accurate and secure cutting of angles, I’ve found it to be intuitive to set up and use.

For part-time use, smaller bench-top thicknessers are well worth considering. They are portable and powerful.

"It was easy to choose the three tools I can’t live without. They're all quite ordinary, get used every day and could probably be replaced by another tool. But there’s one reason that makes them irreplaceable...", writes David Rogers.

Carbatec have recently extended their machinery range with some just-landed new arrivals. We checked out two of the new machines.

Sometimes the tools we can't live without can be the most ordinary, everyday items.