Shine on: true Aussie grit finishes well

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Recently Wood Review tested Kustom Grit as a finishing solution for resin products. From the company’s Brisbane-based manufacturing home now comes an expanded range of products in paste, bar and liquid forms.

Kustom’s two-step, high-speed polish now comes in bar formulation. Use directly on lathe-turned items or as a superior honing compound on leather strops and buffing wheels.

A range of Kustom Creations polishes for rotary tool application are designed for use on small detailed work. A ‘hard set’ component is said to offer stability at high speeds and can be used on metals, timbers, plastics and resins.

For surface prep Kustom Blu-Sheen sanding solution is a wet sanding additive. A small amount added to water results in smoother surfaces with the claimed benefit of extended sandpaper life.

And for car buff(er)s the range includes an automotive polish with a super fine grit rating which is also suitable for boats where a mirror polish is the aim.

These and other products from the same manufacturer are available from

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