An interview with Canberra maker Rolf Barfoed discusses his design and production values, and the economics of making solid timber furniture.

These native species can be excellent where small to medium-sized pieces of stable, attractive woods are required.

Rick Knopke is a West Australian furniture designer maker whose work transposes the traditional art of marquetry into a modern vernacular.

Seven designers took part in project in South Africa that focused on themes of sustainability and resulted in a collection of works that explores technologies and heritage.

In February 2022 a landmark exhibition of contemporary work by 26 women makers took place at Sturt Gallery in Mittagong, NSW. Here’s the background, along with reflections of some of the participants.

With sleek lines and concealed movements, Craig Thibodeau’s Automoton Table is a masterpiece of complex functionality.

Stuart Faulkner reviews an exhibition of work by Studio Woodworkers Australia that celebrates community and the artist within

As if losing an arm wasn’t hard enough, James T. Dixon likes to challenge himself by making things that would be difficult to make with two arms.

Five days in the saddle were a wild but enjoyable ride for Dan Dwyer as he travelled to Tasmania to learn how to make a ‘Democratic’ Windsor chair.

"I love furniture that looks like it’s handmade...using natural features like gum vein really highlights the fact it isn’t mass produced, and that it’s real, raw and unique," says Matthew Keayes.

Liam McCallion lives in Burleigh Heads, Qld and combines his love of timber, design and music in the audio cabinets he makes.

For Alexsandra Pontonio, designing and making furniture is all about exploring ideas and processes. Interview by Linda Nathan.

Tracey Malady tells the story of a father who inspired his daughter's woodworking career.

Matching beautiful woods with different metal combinations is what plane maker Brian loves, particularly showcasing highly figured Australian timbers.

In Australia, a Martinez hammer retails at around $500, certainly a lot for a simple tool that’s been around for thousands of years. However Martinez hammers have a certain mystique...

What makes a master toolmaker? Raf Nathan spoke to UK maker Karl Holtey.