Simon Hooper: Touched by Timber

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‘It’s my first, and possibly last, solo exhibition’, said long-time Brisbane designer maker Simon Hooper. Touched by Timber is an exhibition of 17 works created during the last 15 years and embodies his mastery of just about any woodworking technique you would care to name.

The 17 pieces include side tables, chairs (including a hanging chair), jewellery boxes, a screen, a saloon table and a tabouret. Each piece demonstrates meticulous hand work, reflecting his love of timber, its properties and characteristics.


Inspired by Art Deco and Japanese design, Simon’s designs work to complement and emphasise the natural grain and unique patterns of the timbers he uses. Each piece of wood is carefully chosen for its individuality and inherent beauty. He loves using veneers to showcase exotic rare species of timber. The seven boxes displayed demonstrate how small amounts of exotic veneers can be used to great effect ‘without using mountains of material’, he said.

Simon discovered his artistic vocation and his passion for wood in his 20s while living on the Atherton Tablelands in North Queensland among the World Heritage listed rainforests. He has honed his skills from his workshop in Brisbane as well as during his time at the Canberra Institute of Art where he completed a Diploma of Visual Art specialising in wood.


Simon has exhibited at the High Court in Canberra, the Canberra Institute of Art (Alumni Exhibition), Bungendore Woodworks Gallery (Wood Review’s Studio Furniture 2018), Cooroy Butter Factory, Brisbane City Hall and the Circle Gallery, and Quisqualis Gallery in Brisbane.

The work shown in Touched by Timber is the result of a lifelong passion for timber, its essence and its possibilities.

Photos: Simon Hooper

Touched by Timber is on show 10am–3pm daily at Brisbane Institute of Art, Metcalfe Gallery, 41 Grafton St, Windsor until Wednesday 22 November.

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