Tools & Equipment

A small cabin building project was the perfect opportunity to test the power and convenience factor of two Bosch cordless circular saws.

Tool collector and historian, Kevin Chamberlain writes about Chinese traditions of furniture and tool making in Australia.

New upgrades to router tables include a lift and dedicated power unit.

A new range of premium-build heavy-duty dust extractors is now available in Australia.

Bow Products have updated their unique Featherboard design and also released some other new safety gear lines.

Available soon from Carbatec, the new Nova G3 Pro-Tek and SuperNova2 Pro-Tek chucks have advanced features to enhance chuck performance.

Donald Powell looks at different types of mallets and their uses.

Part of the 'Aussie Muscle' series, here's a machine made for handling tougher stuff.

All Pax tenon saws are available in both rip and crosscut configurations. The one I have has crosscut teeth sharpened with a negative rake of 8°–9°.

Fifteen years ago, fourteen Tasmanian furniture designer/makers were invited to interpret selected pieces of antique English furniture from a personal and contemporary perspective.

There seems to be a proliferation of power tools amongst woodcarvers today, but for Don Powell it’s the traditional tools which give him the most confidence and pleasure.

There were few oil finishes to choose between 40 years ago but the range has steadily increased, and many products now tout their green credentials.

This offering from Nova is an amazing machine.

From a woodworker’s point of view jarrah is almost too good to be true, however there are a few issues to resolve, writes Evan Dunstone.

Raf Nathan takes a look at the capabilities of the spokeshave and surveys the quality end of the market

A sliding table attachment adds convenience and versatility to the Hafco ST254 tablesaw.