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This year’s Spoonies in the Tweed offers a special challenge which involves some preparation in the lead-up.

All  Spoonies participants, new and old are encouragd to create a submission for the 2018 Spoonies Artisan’s Challenge. This is an enjoyable part of the weekend, and reveals the many styles and approaches each woodworker takes toward their design and craft.


Above: Diane Page, last year’s Artisan Challenge winner receives her award from Jeff Fraser.

The guidelines for the 2018 Challenge are:
1. A hand carved ladle – it is expected that this entry will include one long-handled spoon suitable for serving soup and stews. The spoon may have an accompanying resting bowl, or a hook for hanging.
2. The spoons should show creativity in design, be structurally sound and be usable.
3. You may use any wood, wood carving style or technique you wish to construct the spoon.
4. You may begin your spoon at any time and it would be best for it to be mostly complete before the Spoonies 2018 event. From today – you have approximately 12 weeks to devote to your entry.
5. Judging will take place on Sunday 30th September at 1pm.
6. The Artisans’ Challenge will be awarded according to People’s Choice votes garnered from the participants.
7. The Artisan Challenge prize will include a free entry to the 2019 Spoonies Event.

Spoonies in the Tweed takes place in Uki, NSW on the weekend of Sept 29 - 30, 2018

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