Meet the AWR L!VE Speakers: Evan Dunstone

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AWR L!VE is an exciting half day conference event for pro and aspiring pro woodworkers which will take place in Sydney, August 21, 2017. Leading up to this event we will introduce each of the speakers who will take part. For more information and earlybird ticketing see here

Evan Dunstone, Dunstone Design

Evan DunstoneWay back in time, Evan Dunstone was a crop-dusting bush pilot who dreamed of being a furniture maker. Eventually he ended up working in the workshop of David Mac Laren, a furniture maker and designer who also founded the internationally acclaimed Bungendore Wood Works Gallery. For a number of years Evan worked there making furniture for the gallery.

After a devastating fire that saw Mac Laren’s workshop burnt to the ground, Evan and his wife Fenella decided to set up on their own in Queanbeyan, NSW. Almost 20 years later, the business that is now known as Dunstone Design is well known for producing some of the highest quality custom and limited production furniture in Australia, if not the world.

Over the years Evan has experimented with various forms of marketing and retailing models. He has tailored his factory setup and production methods to achieve the best results in the most cost efficient manner. In particular, Evan has specialised in chairmaking, creating designs which are not only elegant and ergonomic, but also suited for complex but efficient batch production. In recent years he has optimised his use of materials by creating furniture making kits and accessories which now act as bread and butter lines.

On top of all this, Evan is a Churchill Fellow and a noted educator who teaches at Sturt School for Wood in Mittagong, NSW and has taught at the ANU Art School and the Australian School of Fine Furniture, University of Tasmania. He has written many stories for Australian Wood Review and judged competitions for both the magazine and local wood groups.

Evan is a noted speaker, with passionate and often fiery views on all things that concern the art of making and designing furniture, and in particular the art of creating and maintaining a sustainable career from fine woodworking. And he is not afraid to speak the truth as he sees it!

Attendees to AWR L!VE conference event will not only enjoy Evan’s presentation, but benefit from hearing about his experiences and the opinions he has formed during his 25 years in the industry.

Learn more about Evan Dunstone at and see a glimpse of his workshop and production process in the video below. 

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