Adam Markowitz, Speaker at AWR L!VE 2018

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Adam Markowitz is one of the speakers who will present at AWR L!VE on August 4 in Sydney this year. Adam is an architect and designer maker who lives and works in Melbourne. He appears on the cover of AWR#98.

Below is a short interview recorded with Adam in conjunction with the magazine profile that you can also read at this link.

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Which end of a scale are you closest to: maker or designer?
Bang in the middle. Designer-slash-maker.

Can you define your style?
Trying to find that tension between elegance, minimalism and yet still sculptural quality.

Hand tool or machine lover?
Both essential, including the CNC.

Native or exotic woods?

Favourite designer?
Gio Ponti.

Yuri Kobayashi.

Favourite tool?

Favourite machine?
CNC. There should be one in every workshop.

Most influenced by?
Hamish Hill.

Favourite wood?
Blackbutt. Actually I hate the stuff because it tears out and it’s difficult, but I like it because it’s blonde, and strong, and I can do things with it that I can’t do with Tas oak.

The thing I hate most about woodworking is...
My bank balance.

The thing I love most about woodworking is...
It’s one of the few areas where the link between design and making is in some ways implicit.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
I would love to have my own shop on the Surf Coast where I can surf and make every day. If I could be left alone to make and not have to worry about money...

Makers need to make more time to...
Talk to each other.

Makers need to have less...
Disdain for things that don’t exactly align with their world view.

What would you tell someone starting out as a designer maker?
You need to focus on both sides of that phrase in equal measure.

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