A Worthy Cause

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In the March issue of Wood Review Richard Vaughan told us about a training project in Papua New Guinea he is involved with.

In short, Richard garnered together a sizeable quantity of donated hand tools which were refurbished, packed and shipped off to Bundrou, an island in Manus province.

Richard followed on in January this year to teach a group of people basic hand tool techniques. The island is without power, and for that reason traditional skills based around the use of shavehorses, drawknives and other tools came to the fore.

Following the success of this experience Richard will visit again in January 2017, and to this end has again received donations of tools for woodworking and many other purposes.

Many of the tools were already cleaned up when sent to Richard, however a good proportion required de-rusting and refurbing. There are some photos on our Facebook page which show the progress of this process to date. Soon these tools and other supplies will once again be packed up and shipped off.

At this stage more tools are not needed – unless anyone reading this has any cordless power tools they would like to donate!

In January the priority activity is one with more immediate benefits for community and environmental health. If you would like to donate some money towards the very worth cause of installing six composting toilets please head to this link.

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