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This is a superbly produced and edited video that inspires with attention to detail and precision.

There are many reasons why you can rely on the functionality of the biscuit joiner, explains Raf Nathan.

Learn the basics of coopering...and make an elegant vase. Story by Damion Fauser.

Andrew Potocnik turns a gift of precious wood into a special piece.

US designer maker Tim Coleman tells stories through the many embellishment techniques he uses on his furniture.

Many new turners think they’ll never get the hang of it. But they're not the problem – it’s usually the tools they are using and the way the lathe is set up. Here are ten ways to give yourself a chance.

To err in woodwork is human, but to make an invisible repair is divine. Neil Erasmus shows how.

Peter Young shows how to create 90° joints when working with curves.

French polishing is an art and a science. In this video, furniture maker, restorer and polisher Frank van Brunschot shows some of the fundamental parts of the process.

From cutting and shaping a blank, then laying out, carving, staining and finishing, this video shows the entire process of creating a piece that can be wall mounted.

Here are some insights into the fine curves, tapers and details that are the hallmark of renowned US furniture designer/maker Garrett Hack’s signature tables.

Making chairs from sticks and discarded timber can be done with very few tools. Story by Jeff Donne.

A majestic 80 year old southern mahogany was deemed dangerous by arborists. When the tree fellers arrived I was on hand to save the larger sections for green woodturning.

If you’re looking to challenge yourself with advanced joinery skills, this 36 minute video offers a way to develop some serious accuracy.

Add to your stable of work-holding equipment with a versatile shavehorse. Story by Phoebe Everill.

This an inspiring look at a professional furniture making set-up where attention to detail every step of the way is the hallmark of this Sydney maker’s creative process.