How to

Sixth generation cooper George Smithwick talks history and shows how to make a wooden bucket.

Through trial and error John Kennedy builds an all-wood handplane that gives a tear-out free finish on cranky grained woods.

Andrew Potocnik combines LED lighting strips and luminous pigment on a carved form for illuminating results.

Lathe-turning a flat surface can be difficult, but Richard Raffan has a trick to help you create attractive and flat surfaces.

This video is a great watch and an education into the art of refined make-do.

From froe to go, US Windsor chairmaking and all round green woodworking expert Peter Galbert gives an outline of the process of making a firewood carrier.

How to create stunning patterns with a radial matching technique. Story by Damion Fauser.

An inspiring demonstration of a traditional German craft.

Charles Mak makes a small cabinet for his daughter.

Kerryn Carter makes a crosscut sled with an extended fence that provides support for long pieces.

Video footage of some of the machine processes Damion Fauser discusses in his story on making sliding doors in the December issue of Wood Review.

In part 1 of this short series, Andrew Potocnik experimented with simple bandsawn and dovetailed box constructions. Here are some other ideas.

Years ago, Richard Raffan came across one of his pieces at market. He bought it back mainly for the value of the wood, but then decided to give it a make-over.

Andrew Potocnik’s freewheeling exploration with low grade materials provided some fun and inspiration for his starting-out students.

Here’s a turning project that shows how to create a fine piece of jewellery.