Tools & Equipment

This relatively new mask is rated to trap dust particles down to 0.1 micron and is made from a breathable mesh with twin expired air valves

For working the bottom of rebates and trenches, these affordable tools are worth considering.

These are the things you need, to make jigs for the things you want to make…

How often have we wished for an extra hand? Here’s one better – a pump-action 'arm' that can lift or clamp, and leave both your hands free.

Solid wood, choose your own joinery and add bench vice hardware. These new kits are locally sourced and locally made (by you).

Laguna’s new CFLUX dust collector fleet has just hit our shores.

Prolonged exposure to noise may lead to hearing loss. However, certain high-risk environments can require hearing protection whilst still maintaining an awareness of the activity happening around you.

In an industry where dust is inevitable, every woodworker needs good dust protection.

Here's another affordable addition to the workshop – just in time for the gifting season.

Sharp out of the box and highly affordable, this new range of spoon and whittling knives are worth a look.

Hydraulically height-adjustable, mobile and tough, Felder's FAT tables would be an asset to any workspace.

Straight and accurate are what's needed when it comes to sawing things. Here are a couple of well priced accessories to consider.

At first glance, this is just another saw, but upon closer inspection there are a number of features that could make it stand out from the crowd for some users.

US tooling company Amana have now released their own full range of tooling for Festool domino machines.

Four ways to safely and precisely machine small parts on your mitre saw. Story by Charles Mak.

Designed primarily for sharpening turning tools, these CBN wheels are now available locally.