Turning tools: three-piece set covers it

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Super sharp and easy to use, especially for pen-turners, this three-piece turning tool features replaceable caride tips.

This three-piece turning tool set has extremely sharp, easy to replace carbide cutters, 8mm solid stainless steel tool bars, and ergonomic beech handles with rubber grips make it an essential part of any turning tool arsenal.


The replaceable carbide insert on each tool is easily rotated to expose a sharp cutting edge by loosening the T15 Torx head screw with the included key and rotating the cutter. Once the insert is dull, replace it.

The round tip tool is ideal for producing a smooth finish on curved and concave surfaces, as well as general turning. The round Insert is 12mm diameter. The square tip too is equipped with a square radius cutter, ideal for pen turning, as well as convex areas. Also included is a square insert that is ideal for removing large amounts of material quickly. Create tenons and recesses accurately and efficiently. The diamond tip tool is ideal for use as a parting tool, as well as for creating tight coves and beads. All three tools in the set are approximately 330mm overall length, ideal for pen turning.

The set is made by WoodRiver and available from www.woodworksupplies.com.au


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