TESTED: Würth stepped twist drill set

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Review and photos: Damion Fauser

This 25-piece set of HSS twist drills from Würth is stunning. The set ranges in size from 1.0–13.0mm in 0.5mm increments, and all sizes from 2.5mm up have the ‘Smart-Step’ tip that makes this set unique.

Designed for premium quality drilling in a great range of materials including wood, plastics and non-ferrous metals, I’ve had a set for a while now and can report a vast improvement in the cut quality in both soft and hard woods over even premium-quality standard twist drills. The Würth drills give clean, consistent hole diameters and very little upwards lifting of fibres at the entrance to the hole.


The Smart-Step tip acts as a self-centring feature with no need to pre-mark the hole location with a brad awl for example. You can confidently drill where ever you want when drilling by hand with these drills. Tilted entries are also possible, as is the ability to easily and cleanly re-bore existing holes to a larger diameter if required.

With three flat facets ground onto the shank, the drills are held with an excellent grip in the chucks of pedestal drills and both corded and cordless handheld drills. This set of drills is of the highest quality.

Available from Würth Australia

Damion Fauser is a Brisbane based furniture designer maker and woodwork teacher, see damionfauser.com

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