Taking a stand against dust

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You can literally take a stand against dust kwith this handy new accessory. Carbatec’s handy universal dust hood stand allows you to fit and hold most 4" (100mm) dust hoods and fittings in place.

Moving your dust collection close to its source is the logical way to reduce its presence in your workshop. If you’re working on a lathe it’s easy to simply move the stand around as the direction of shavings changes.


The stand comes with a rubber coupling and two thumbscrew hose/fitting connectors. Removing the rubber fitting will allow you to attach 4" hose on either side. You can then raise and hold the hose over other objects in the workshop.

The stand is 770mm high extending to 1200mm, has a 360° swivel head and tilts 180°. Hose and hoods are not supplied with the stand.

See here for pricing and supply information

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