Sound off, sound on: Isotunes hearing protectors

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A workshop can be a noisy place. Prolonged exposure to noise may lead to temporary or permanent hearing loss. However, certain high-risk environments can require hearing protection whilst still maintaining an awareness of the activity happening around you.

Isotunes Link Aware are durable over-ear hearing protection earmuffs with Bluetooth connectivity and Aware Technology for those who still need to hear the world around them. Isotunes Link have a 25dB noise reduction rating and feature SafeMax technology that limits the volume to 85dB. Memory foam cushions mould over the ears, while a ventilated headband adds further comfort.


Aware Technology uses microphones to pick up the environmental sounds around you and then amplifies this sound through your Isotunes Link Aware earmuffs or Pro Aware earbuds. It works in a very similar way to a hearing aid. When the microphones sense loud noise they automatically lower the volume to protect your hearing. Volume buttons give control over the amplification level – if the level of outside noise peaks above 85dB, the sound is automatically blocked until it falls back to a safe level. You can also listen to your favourite broadcast and take phone calls without leaving your workspace.

The earmuffs come with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and a micro-USB charging cable. The battery gives up to 11 hours usage.

Isotunes products are currently on sale at Timbecon until January 31. Learn more here.

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