RZ M2.5 mask for dust and vapours

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Review and photo: Raf Nathan

You can’t avoid wood dust, but you can keep it at bay with a good mask. Actual wood dust size is about 5–10 microns so this relatively new mask rated to trap dust particles down to 0.1 micron sounds great. It is made from a breathable mesh with twin expired air valves and is held to your head with two adjustable straps.

However, it’s designed to work with an inner disposable filter which is rated for organic mists and fumes making it good for most woodwork polishing jobs with vapours like paints, oils and waxes. With the inner filter fitted the mask is rated at 99.9% effective at particle capture.

Remember that maximum filtration is also dependant on how you wear the mask, a poor fit will suck in dust and unfortunately beards are notorious for interfering with a good mask fit. You might get away with a trimmed designer beard though.

The inner filter is said to last about 30 hours in heavy dust environments but for general woodwork expect a good 60 hours use. The filter needs to be changed when you can either smell odours coming through, see it is dirty on the outside face, or simply can’t breathe well through it anymore.

Please note these masks have been tested to US standards,  which are not necessarily the same as Australian safety standards. If you need to comply with Australian or New Zealand standards these may not suit. Replaceable filters come in two ratings, F1 ($4) and F3 ($6). The F1 is good for general purpose use but F3 is said to offer 50% better breathability making it the choice for daily use.

The mask costs $60, comes in three sizes and is very comfortable to wear.

Available from www.timbecon.com.au

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