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Review and photos: Raf Nathan

This is an interesting tool. It appears to use basic geometry to simplify finding the centre of stock. Microjig’s FitFiinder is made of plastic components with a body and two sliding fences that reference from and slide past each other at 45°.


Place the wood under the main sliding fence and tighten the thumb screws, and the second fence points to exactly half the thickness. It works with stock up to 72mm thick. You can find half thickness instantly without a ruler.

For example, if you want to make a half lap joint, you could set a marking gauge at half the thickness, then transfer your marks to the stock, then set a tablesaw blade to the desired halfway height. This is a time consuming process. With the FitFinder in action, you sit it over the wood with the lower fence then showing half. You can take the tool to the tablesaw and set the blade height directly from it, that’s it. Very fast.


You can also use it on its side to set router table and saw fences. Certainly on the router table for halving joints it is excellent. This is a clever and fast measuring tool for one job only. One of those specialist tools that, when needed, are a boon to the job at hand.

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Raf Nathan is a Brisbane-based woodworker and frequent contributor to Wood Review magazine.

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