New range: cryogenic tools for turning

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The cryogenic process, as in freezing temperatures down to -190C, can remove residual stresses and improve wear resistance in steels and other metal alloys. As an added bonus, cryogenically treated tools are said to hold edges longer, meaning more time spent cutting, as opposed to sharpening.

Well priced sets of cryogenic M2 high speed steel turning tools are now on offer from Carbatec. These tools have HSS ferrules and Euro hardwood handles.

Six new boxed sets are available for swan neck hollowing, scraper, medium and smaller tools. Three sets are cryogenic M2 HSS, and three are solid stainless steel bar stock, with tungsten carbide replaceable cutters.

The 6-piece large turning tool set shown above includes a 28mm roughing gouge, 19mm flat skew chisel, 12mm spindle gouge, 12mm bowl gouge, 19mm diamond parting tool and 19mm round nose scraper. Blades are laser etched and 170–220mm in length, while the handles are 320mm in length.

See the range available and pricing information here.

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