NEW: Centring knife jigs from Tormek

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KJ-45 Centring Knife Jig

Tormek’s new patented KJ-45 Centring Knife Jig promises symmetrical bevels with the same angle on both sides of the knife, regardless of blade thickness or geometry. ‘Whether you’re sharpening a regular kitchen knife or a thicker, tapered hunting knife, you’ll get the same results on both bevels of the knife without needing to reset the jig’, says Tormek.

The KJ-45 Centring Knife Jig fits household knives, chef’s knives, craft knives, knives for hunting and fishing as well as carver’s drawknives and gardener’s pruning shears.

Here’s a summary of the touted benefits:
• Centres the knife in the jig for optimal, symmetrical results
• Centres tapered knives and holds them firmly
• An extra stop for tall knives, such as cleavers
• Ability to shape a slightly convex edge with a movement between the two stops
• Robust design – zinc‐cast clamps and fiberglass‐reinforced composite stops
• Well‐balanced – most of the weight is focused on the clamps, which provides a more balanced feel when grinding.
• Slides smoothly with low friction against the universal support
• Works with both Tormek T‐4 and Tormek T‐8, as well as older models


When mounted in the KJ‐45 Centring Knife Jig, knives self‐centre regardless of thickness or geometry, including thin knives up to 10mm and 6mm for tapered knives. Blades that taper off from back to edge and heel to tip are therefore centred in the jig, providing symmetrical grinding on both bevels. For smaller knives, combine the knife jig with the SVM‐00 Small Knife Holder to sharpen even very small knives. The KJ‐45 Centring Knife Jig has an extra stop that makes it possible to sharpen tall knives, such as cleavers. Even taller knives can be ground by combining the jig with the US‐430 Universal Support Extended.

Positioned with the stop resting freely against the universal support, users can follow the shape of the knife, guided by the universal support as a reference point. Most of the jig’s weight is focused on the clamps, the part closest to the grinding. This gives a well‐balanced feel in use. The end of the stop has been designed with ergonomics in mind. There is a flat surface to place your thumb on to secure the jig against the universal support.


KJ-140 Wide Centring Knife Jig

For knives with long and flexible knife blades, such as fillet knives, there is the KJ‐140 Wide Centring Knife Jig, which stabilizes flexible blades for symmetrical results. This jig provides extra stability when sharpening knives with long, flexible blades such as fillet knives.


Regardless of the thickness and geometry of the blade, it will self-centre in the jig, giving you the same result on both bevels. The longer clamp stabilises flexible knife blades to prevent them from bending, so that you get the same angle and pressure over the entire bevel. This jig also works with both Tormek T‐4 and Tormek T‐8, as well as older models.

Both jigs and other Tormek products are available from Promac, see

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