Liking the Viking: a new one-‘armed’ jack clamp

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How often have we wished for an extra hand to get the job done? Here’s one better – a whole 'arm' is now available for those jobs when both hands are full.

The Viking Arm jack clamp promises the strength that seafaring mob was famous for, in the form of 150kg controlled lifting capacity. Applications such as cabinet, door and other joinery installations might now be a whole lot more achievable.

Like its namesake, the Viking Arm comes from Norway – it’s made there in fact – and all it takes is a one-handed pump action to raise, while lowering can also be controlled the same way. In reverse mode the Arm becomes a clamping tool. Made from hardened stainless steel and aluminium, the Viking Arm comes with a standard 105 x 87 x 6mm base, with an optional 77 x 62 x 3mm base also available.

More info and pricing from Beyond Tools at this link.

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