Crosscut sawing: fixed and portable guides

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Kreg’s crosscut station comes with guide rails, hold-downs and adjustable fence.

Straight and accurate are what's needed when it comes to sawing things. Perfectly positioned and hence accurate circular saw cuts are possible with Kreg’s new crosscut station. Hold-downs and support wings keep the workpiece steady while you crosscut or mitre 0–45°.

The guide accepts materials up to 38mm thick and 305mm wide and is compatible with left- or right-blade circular saws. An MDF base and backboard act as sacrificial surfaces for splinter-free cuts. The MDF base also functions as a kerf line to show the blade's path. For around $110, this easy to set-up or store guide suits workshop and site use.


The portable crosscut guide shown above enables accurate circular saw cuts including 45° angles. Retractable cutline indicators show where to cut – simply align to a pencil mark and then cut. There's a support ledge for stability and a GripMaxx feature that keeps the guide steady in use. For the sake of accuracy this could be $45 well spent.

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