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On the Cover: We profile Ben Percy, a designer maker who communicates a less-is-more aesthetic to his award winning students. And by the way, you can hear Ben talk about design on August 4 at AWR L!VE in Sydney.

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The Green Wood Spoon. Just a few tools and branch timbers are all you need to create beautiful and functional spoons. Story by Barton Chesworth.


Making an Infill Shoulder Plane. Ian Wilkie shows how it’s possible to make your own functional and beautiful hand tools with readily available materials and tools.


A Dream Commission. Making a large and traditionally styled breakfront bookcase was challenging but satisfying experience for Melbourne maker Simeon Dux.


Chatoyance. Studio Woodworkers Australia produced a collection of work themed on highlighting the variable figure and feature of wood.


Native Timbers Are Back. Controlled logging on private land in northern Queensland is delivering limited but ongoing supply of native specialty species.


Shades of Jarrah. Figured and straight grained jarrah were combined to make an elegant hall table with restrained detailing. Story by Raf Nathan


Woodturning as a Living Craft. In Japan woodturning is largely a trade not a hobby by which functional items are produced for everyday use. Story by Terry Martin and Yuriko Nagata.


In the Neoclassical Style. With forty years experience in antique restoration, Jamie Pappas creates a piece that reflects his passion for classical forms.

 Vic Tesolin-tool-box-.jpg

A Travelling Tool Box. Vic Tesolin designs and makes a take-away tool box for essential woodworking kit.


Working With Curves, Part 3. The final in a series by Peter Young on curved joinery looks at a method for laminating doors on a bending form.


6 Tips For Better Glue-ups. Charles Mak shows how to de-stress your assembly and glue-up situations.


The Thin Edge of the Wedge. Liam Thomas conducts open mortise tests to determine the effectiveness of different wedging techniques.


From Tree to Seed to Product. Growers form a collective to make timber from farm forestry operations in northern NSW commercially available.

Reviewed: Felder AD941 Planer/thicknesser, Whiteside and Veritas Inlay Template Kits, Star-M Circle Cutter, Wixey Digital Angle Gauge.

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