Wood Review 92

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 AWR cover 92

Welcome to the September 2016 edition of Australia's premier woodworking and woodcraft magazine. Subcribe to print and or digital version now!!

ON THE COVERSimply Successful: Laura McCusker left Sydney for Hobart expecting business to take a downturn, but instead it grew. Story by Bern Chandley.

Four tools you can make, Troy McDonald

Four Tools You Can Make: Troy McDonald shows how to use workshop offcuts to make beautiful hand tools.

Derek Doak

The Timber Bloke: When Derek Doak mills a log he does so with its future use in mind.
shell box by Neil Scobie
Shell Box: Neil Scobie turns and carves a lidded box in the guise of a twisted spiral form.
Lake Erie twin screw bench vice
Reviewed: Lake Erie Twin Screw Bench Vice
Tool School, Kerryn Carter
Full Circle: Kerryn Carter’s Tool School is inspiring the younger generation of woodworkers.
The Vasa ship
The Raising of the Vasa: A ship that sank on the day of its launch is now a historical marvel. Terry Martin explains.
Education of a Woodworker: From trade apprentice to tool historian and collector – meet @Bespokeshave
Reviewed: GRS-16 track saw square
 Cabinet by Stuart Williams, Tas Design Collection
Creating Culture: This year Design Tasmania celebrates its 40th. D Wood looks back at its achievements.
Charles Mak, Wood Movement
Wood Movement 101: Tips and techniques from Charles Mak.
Music stands by Bill Anderson
Project: How to make Bill Anderson's beautiful cam-lever music stands.
DeWalt track saw and Andrew Potocnik
Track Saws on Test: Andrew Potocnik trials Festool, DeWalt and Scheppach models.
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