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Wood Review magazine issue 122 is available from newsagents and selected retailers.

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ON THE COVER: Ross Thompson is crafting a life as a high end custom furniture. In an interview he talks about how studying music fired his creativity as a woodworker.


A Dovetailed Table: Sliding dovetail joinery and tapered under-bevels work to create a modern entry-way table. Project by David Luckensmeyer.


Buying Wood: Get on top of the industry jargon and ordering technicalities to get the timber you need. Story by Damion Fauser.


Travels with Woodwork: Dane Sampson is an Olympic rifle shooting athlete and also a crack woodworker. He shows how to build the Scandi-inspired rocker he designed for flat-pack overseas delivery.


Router Plane Revolution: Three new makes of a favourite traditional hand tool warranted investigation. Review by Raf Nathan.


Turning Branch Timbers: Andrew Potocnik turns backyard timber into a series of vessels that highlight natural feature and allow for wood movement.


Buy the Pack: David Luckensmeyer explains tally sheets and offers tips on buying larger volumes of timber.


Straw Marquetry: Add colour and patterning to your work with a traditional technique! Laura Inguaggiato explains how.


The Medium is the Message: Brodie Neill is a master of digital design but likes to keep it hands-on, and increasingly he’s driven by environmental concerns.


A Renaissance Man in Melbourne: Martin Paul's traditional skills are the foundation of a busy modern day enterprise. Story by Dan Dwyer.


Vision for the Future: Seven emerging makers explored new skills to create an impressive collection of work. Story by Brian Reid.


Damion Fauser reviews the Felder K740P sliding table panel saw: options and features galore.

Wood Review magazine issue 122 is available from newsagents and selected retailers.

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Buy the digital edition of issue 122 now!

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