Creativity and innovation are the lifeblood of UK designer maker Marc Fish.

"I usually argue that what I make is made by hand when it is my hands that do all the designing, programming, and making", says digital fabrication master Nick Berchtold.

Finnish maker Visa Meisalmi combines Scandinavian mythology and wood and veneer bending traditions in his award winning work.

Featured Maker of the Year presented by Carbitool entrant Danny Lucin leads a Renaissance music ensemble and makes the instruments he plays.

Terry Martin explains how traditional skills are passed on in changing times.

"We were asked to remove our shoes at the door before being allowed to enter his immaculately clean, bright and tidy work studio."

Some may see a graveyard of twisted tree stumps, but for Guy Breay these are a playground for his imagination.

Josh Carmody is a Melbourne based architect and furniture designer maker who thrives on challenges and large scale commissions.

New techniques, complex processes and fixing mistakes – they’re all part of the challenges happily embraced by Sydney furniture designer maker Nick Pedulla.

What happens when an engineering patternmaker uses wood as a medium for creating art?

Thirty years of working in wood have not diminished Sydney designer maker Brian Dawson's passion. His first solo woodwork exhibition will soon open.

When Ron Hock met James Krenov, it led to the creation of the fine edge tools his brand is synonymous with.

After a three year hiatus, Col Hosie is pleased to once again offer his popular boxmaking and joinery courses in 2023.

An interview with Canberra maker Rolf Barfoed discusses his design and production values, and the economics of making solid timber furniture.

These native species can be excellent where small to medium-sized pieces of stable, attractive woods are required.

Rick Knopke is a West Australian furniture designer maker whose work transposes the traditional art of marquetry into a modern vernacular.