Visa Meisalmi, Wooden Cradle (WORLD 2023)

Anette Sällylä & Visa Meisalmi
Video tour:

Visa Meisalmi is a master carpenter/joiner, designer, entrepreneur, teacher and engineer. The cradle combines Scandinavian mythology and wood and veneer bending traditions. Eight different bending moulds were used to make the cradle, and there is a total of 45 parts. A separate pole can be attached to the back of the cradle, and you can attach a toy to the pole to hang, and a cloth to cover the cradle. The side parts can be removed from both sides of the cradle, so it is easier for the parent to lull the baby. The cradle can be locked in place or allowed to swing. The nameplate is replaceable and the mattress can be placed on the bottom of the cradle. The cradle can be detached from the leg part for easier transport. The materials in the cradle are ash and oak veneer, solid wood ash and oak, birch wooden dowels, two ball bearings, two bolts and lock nuts with pins. Size: Height 890 mm and with pole 1380 mm, Width 1040 mm, Depth 520 mm and Weight 8 kg.

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