Isaac Ferguson, Whittle Edna Mode (ART, OBJECTS 2022)

"Darling!" I'm finding that carving a person or character is as much a meditation on the person themselves as it is the execution of a skill. Half of the 8-10 hours I spend whittling is thinking about the techniques; a push cut here, a stopped cut there, careful of the grain direction! The other half of the time I'm replaying in my mind what the character has said or done. "No capes!" If you were to see me carving you would see me imitating the contemptuous frown as I'm trying to carve the facial expression onto the timber. So for me, it is important to love who I'm carving, not just love that I am carving. Standing at about 150mm tall, made from jelutong and painted with acrylic. The glasses are fencing wire sprayed black and the cigarette holder is 'turned' on the battery drill with sandpaper.