Ross Thompson, Walnut Burl Cabinet (CHESTS, CABINETS & BOXES 2023)

Ross Thompson

Made from Walnut Burl, Smoked Eucalypt veneer, Wenge, Brass and ebonised White Ash. An exploration of sorts in furniture design of centuries ago. Contemporary makers tend to dismiss antique work too quickly, it may not be fashionable, but much can be learnt from the craftsmanship and design elements explored through the ages. The legs are referencing the bobbin leg style of the late 17th century. The square cabinet is proportioned to the Walnut, which is bookmatched four ways to create a striking visual front. The cabinet itself leans towards Art deco, with the exotic, darker veneers and the flash of gold from the brass complementing the liquor cabinet, an item that was common at the time.

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