John Desborough, Spider Box (CHESTS, CABINETS & BOXES 2024)

John Desborough

Overall, the legs, it's 220mm x 220 mm x170mm high. The box itself is 150x150x80mm and is made from Australian Rose Mahogany. The legs are from South African Mahogany and Purple Heart. The lid is a Mahogany frame with a mitered Camphor Laurel insert supporting a dark stained pine finial, decorated with a red 10mm Swarovski Crystal. The box is lined with red velvet. The dovetailed corners are made using a "Gifkins" Dovetail jig and a table mounted Triton router. Other Mouldings and shapes were achieved using the spindle moulder, various router bits, a bandsaw and a Triton bobbin sander and lots of sanding to a satisfactory finish. The whole is finished with several coats of clear polyurethane mat varnish. It has eight legs so I'm calling it a Spider Box.

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