Derek Calderwood, Sonoris - Hifi Record Console in Queensland Maple (CHESTS, CABINETS & BOXES 2023)

Andrew Porfyri
Video tour:

Sonoris represents an evolution of mid century record consoles. It’s low slung stature makes it equally at home in modern living space under a wall mounted television or in a dedicated listening room under a window or piece of art. The design includes a number of bespoke features to improve acoustic performance: conical couplers for the base, suspended offset mounting of the turntable plinth and a sliding secondary top which reduces dust whilst allowing for convective heat dissipation. Careful grain selection and deliberate shaping of elements act to elevate the piece, which has two very different personalities. Refined, reserved, unobtrusive when relaxing in its closed position contrasting a lively, dynamic and engaging presence when opened for listening. The carcass features protruding chamfered dovetails, frame and panel backs and sliding doors all in Queensland maple. The base, which is of mortise and tenon construction meets the main carcass through turned ebony cones which mate with stainless cups slotted into the tapered stretchers. This allows for seasonal movement whilst reducing low frequency vibrations. The main compartment features the record player plinth which descends from the top via shaped Bendee downcomers in an offset 3 point arrangement to reduce harmonic vibrations. The outboard compartments provide record storage. Hidden storage accessible from the rear provides for cable and power source management. The record player itself is accessed by opening the book matched figured maple top utilising the bespoke linear motion system constructed of solid brass rails and Budgeroo carriage / bearings.  The sliding motion feels perfectly weighted with Bendee wear strips and depth stops ensuring the top merges back into a single supported element when closed.

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