Nick Sawyer, Sharky (WORLD 2022)

Video tour:

Bedrooms tend to be one of two vibes; dark and moody or bright and airy. Erring on the side of the former with an aim to capture the calm of that sanctuary with a focus on the third dimension, I landed on two themes. The calming curves of dark pacific waves and when thinking of calling attention to the 3d, I took reference from a shark as the cutbacks and dimensionality in their gills came to mind first. The overall form is roughly that of a fin with the fusiform shape interrupted by the gilled cutbacks in the case. The color delineation between the upper and lower halves of the piece were inspired by the coloration of a blue shark. As for execution, the dresser is formed with five walnut cases. The left is divided by six dovetailed and piston-fit drawers made of cherry boxes with Macassar ebony bottoms. The same ebony lines the shelves and inside of the curved doors to remaining four cabinets. Continuous grain flows across the front of the piece with walnut pulls integrated into the design. This all balances atop an 8 foot curved, bent laminated and veneered ‘wave base’. Thanks for your consideration! Fun side note: this is the first piece I’ve made that I'm keeping. It’s for my wife who wanted a dresser. Initially, this was a Christmas present, but since it’s taken 7 months and about 1000 hrs to design and create, I’m calling it her graduation present, too (she just finished up her residency in pediatrics!).

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