Liam Starcevich, Rhobie Chest of Drawers (STUDENT 2022)

Name of school or tertiary institution, and name of woodworking teacher (if you have one):
The Sturt School for Wood

Design-wise, this project served as an exercise in experimenting with surfacing and applying curvilinear forms to what is typically a rectilinear medium. It's made from Tasmanian blackwood and in shaping the curved drawer fronts, I was pleasantly surprised to see revealed the swirling grain of what appeared to be very straight-grained stock. This has afforded it a beautiful "blotchy" quality reminiscent of an oil painting or an aerial landscape photograph. This piece served as my main exhibition piece for the Sturt graduate exhibition last year and I especially enjoy the fact that a chest of drawers is a typically overlooked typology for such a setting.