Andrew Ness, Record Collection Cabinets (CHESTS, CABINETS, SHELVING 2021)

With concentric circles and deeply textured grooves, the 144 burnt and burnished timber end grain tiles that grace the drawer fronts of these three cabinets hint at the contents within – a treasured vinyl record collection. The tiles, cut from one salvaged and solar kiln dried tree, were laid down sequentially, capturing the history of the tree across all three cabinets. Sitting together as one unified piece, all three solid American Black Walnut cabinets have hand cut dovetail carcasses and deep timber drawers. The drawers are ‘push to open’ and push soft close. Inserted into the volume of the end cabinet is a deep sleeve of mitred Wenge, an open ‘Now Playing’ display space for albums that are in current high rotation. The sleeve references the way records were often displayed in stores and the ritual of flipping through the albums to find a favourite to take home.

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