Lindsay Athorn, Natural Beauty (CHESTS, CABINETS & BOXES 2023)

Scott Waters
Video tour:

This is one of my more unique designs trying to keep all the natural elements of the timber. I believe there’s no beauty like natural beauty and nature is its truest form. I’ve endeavoured to make it appear as if it’s floating with some hidden set back legs behind the lower edges of the Blackwood burl. I believe there are three important elements in making something impressive. Design, timber selection and placement, craftsmanship. Although I may not be a master craftsman like others I’ve seen hopefully my design and timber selection will compensate. I’ve tried to make something eye catching combining extremely rare Blackwood burl and Birdseye huon pine. Inside is a removable sliding tray and frame to make the box multi purpose. I’ve also added another dimension with a battery operated led strip light hidden under the box and behind the Blackwood overhang . I think it adds some ambiance with an interesting light pattern emanating from the base

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