Benjamin Reddan, Love Her Like You Are Going To Lose Her (BOWLS, BOXES 2021)

An engagement ring box that I made/ used to propose to my best friend earlier this year. The box is the first stage of a 4 part series. I wanted to challenge myself by making the smallest box that I had ever made. Well in fact this project consists of x2 boxes. A box inside a box. I have always been fond of creating pieces within pieces. Another challenge was to see how far I could push the tolerances in my machines by making tiny joinery/parts/ pattern veneers. Some sections are smaller than a tick tack. A handmade magnetic amulet goes with this piece which opens up the lid of the tiny box inside the main box. The amulet also opens other sections of the future pieces in the 4 part series. The pattern on the amulet is now my family makers emblem. This will only be used on heirloom pieces that are made for my family. The shop made pattern veneers are drawn from my fascination of decorative Yosegi from Japan. Measurements: (Main Box) Longest point 80mm (From catch to catch) Widest point 54mm Tallest point 62mm (From top of lock wedge to bottom of feet) (2nd Box) Length- 54mm Width- 38mm Height- 27mm Materials: Timbers- Wenge, highly figured American Black Walnut, Jarrah, Plain American Black Walnut, American White Ash and Tasmanian Oak Substrate- Birch Plywood Finish- Livos Kunos Oil Other Materials- Cloth, Rare Earth Magnets, Suede, Sterling Silver, Paper, Stained Beads This box will be used in stage 2 which will be the wedding ring box. The wedding ring box will hold other items such as cuff links, signature pen, vows. wedding rings etc. This will be revealed in the new year

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