Samuel Roth, Les Paul Style Guitar (STUDENT 2023)

Name of school or tertiary institution, and name of woodworking teacher (if you have one):
Mudgee High School (Mr Peter Smith)

My project is a Les Paul style guitar which makes use of a Walnut veneer top piece, book-matched to create symmetry. A Claret Ash neck, quarter-sawn to create strength, has a scarf joint connecting the headstock and neck adding to the strength and also has a neck tang which glues into the angled body pocket to create the guitar's string break-angle. The body is Fijian Mahogany. This job involved CNC routing and lots of carving with hand tools. The headstock veneer is walnut and my logo is filled with pearly-white resin to match the pearl inlays in the Ebony fretboard.

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