Luke Deakin, Krenov Inspired Cabinet (CHESTS, CABINETS & BOXES 2023)

Luke Deakin
Video tour:

As a dedicated Design and Technology teacher specializing in Woodwork and Design, I embarked on a project that embodies the essence of functional artistry. This exquisite cabinet, a triumphant fusion of three components, captures the essence of woodworking mastery. It is inspired by James Krenov while also incorporating a modern touch. The legs and rails, meticulously united through the technique of mortise and tenon joinery, bear the mark of careful sanding and thoughtfully crafted design. Their precision creates a snug embrace for the carcass, where the marriage of rebate and housing joints forms the framework for the shelves. The drawers stand as testaments to strength, meticulously adorned with dovetail joinery and a routed false front. The door, a panel and frame design, shines through the stiles and rails held together by mortise and tenon technique. Radiata pine, chosen for its ethereal lightness, imparts an air of elegance to the overall design while also incorporating the panel which is spotted gum. A remarkable feature defines this creation – an aperture atop the carcass, ingeniously designed to host flowers or plants. This distinctive touch seamlessly intertwines nature with the timber framework, a testament to harmony between the crafted and the organic.

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