Martin Burgoyne, Kodansu - Carp Islands (BOWLS, BOXES 2022)

Carp islands This very small table cabinet, which fits in a 150mm cube, is inspired by Japanese Kodansu. These highly decorated chests from 18th and 19th century were used to hold incense for ‘Kodo’ - the Japanese incense ceremony. The main chest is made of walnut veneered plywood. Each side has a star-burst veneer pattern overlaid with typical Japanese gold makie lacquer scenes of islands, pine trees, cranes, and carp. The inside of the chest is veneered with kiri / paulownia, a common Japanese timber. The three internal drawers are made of lime, with walnut and rock maple fronts, overlaid again with traditional gold makie carp designs. The bottom drawer contains two small walnut veneered boxes used to hold incense. The sides of this drawer are cut back and shaped to enable the boxes to be more easily removed. In typical Japanese style there are no visible joints.